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Top 50 ASP NET Interview Questions and Answers

Many bundles are added by default including jQuery libraries like — jquery.validate, Modernizr, and default CSS references. →Provides a clean separation of concerns among UI , model (Transfer objects/Domain Objects/Entities) and Business Logic . Further you can go through your past assignments you have done with the subject and make sure you are able to speak confidently on them.

  • Compared to web forms layout offer simple syntax and greater flexibility.
  • User events trigger the functions which are stored inside your controller.
  • Database First Approach is an alternative or substitutes to the Code First and Model First approaches to the Entity Data Model.
  • Web API helps to build REST-ful services over the .NET Framework, and it additionally supports content negotiation, self-facilitating which are not in MVC.
  • This return type is used to return nothing in the result.

Using this default route – .axd/, we can prevent the requests for the web resources files like – WebResource.axd or ScriptResource.axd from passing to a controller. When we create a new ASP.Net MVC Project we can see the Layout page will be added in the shared folder, which is because it is used by multiple child pages. Scaffolding in ASP.NET ASP.Net MVC is used to generate the Controllers,Model and Views for create, read, update, and delete functionality in an application.

What is the difference between Web config and Machine config files?

You can change the view result before it gets rendered to the browser. MVC supports four types of filters and are executed in the below order. The first constraint to a route is a regular expression, and the second constraint is an object that implements the IRouteConstraint interface. MVC has many advantages, including multiple view support, change accommodation, Separation of Concerns, testability, and more control. Defaults –When loading the application which controller, action to be loaded along with the parameter. Model — It’s a business entity and it is used to represent the application data. mvc developer interview questions

“Razor” was in development beginning in June 2010 and was released for Microsoft Visual Studio in January 2011. TempData is able to keep data for the duration mvc programmer of a HTP request, in other words it can keep live data between two consecutive HTTP requests. It will help us to pass the state between action methods.

Explain MVC application life cycle?

The more shortcut way of achieving the same is by using “Peek”. This function helps to read as well advices MVC to maintain “TempData” for the subsequent request.

  • In return, it gives us the most flexibility to build the layout and optimize the presentation.
  • Most commonly, partial views are used to componentize Razor views and make them easier to build and update.
  • GET action type requests data from a specified resource.
  • Other popular ASP.NET MVC view engines are Spart & Nhaml.
  • The runtime automatically picks the correct version of the library when our MVC application is deployed to the cloud.
  • It will return the ViewResult object but due to polymorphism this object will be automatically typecast to ActionResult class.
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