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Substance Abuse Halfway House Salary

Mandatory certification or accreditation of the residential component for Day/Night and IOP with community housing overlay. Allow for an exemption for those residences under contract with a Managing Entity. Clarify that no out-patient program may provide rent subsidy, or other benefit to induce a patient to choose that program, unless licensed as D/N or IOP with housing overlay component.

Some halfway house counselors also help build residents’ job and interviewing skills. If you’ve never been in a halfway house or never had a friend or family member in one, you may not understand their purpose or how they work. A halfway house provides support to individuals who are newly in recovery and are committed to life without addiction.

Pros of Halfway Houses

Either way, the organization will acquire grant money to continue operating the facility. Living with fellow peers will help you stay accountable for your sobriety. Together, you’ll create an environment based on trust and respect. Deciding where to live after completing treatment or while engaging in ongoing recovery can be challenging. Aion Recovery does not take part in patient brokering practices. While Aion Recovery provides a state-of-the-art facility with chiropractic care, massages, and other benefits available, clients are not brokered. Each client is respected and cared for with integrity and anonymity.

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Before we get into the details, we want to point out the differences between sober living and a halfway house. Sober living homes are generally more luxurious and offer plenty of nice amenities. A halfway house is a little more institutional in the way it is presented. While sober living sober house homes have private or semi-private rooms, a halfway house might look more like a college dorm. As for rules and restrictions, a halfway house is by far more strict than a sober living home. The costs related to getting addiction treatment can be daunting, and it may not stop there.

Get Help With Alcohol Addiction

While not all halfway houses are used in this way, a considerable portion are. Halfway houses offer very few amenities compared to sober living homes. A halfway house also may be located in a less than desirable neighborhood. After completing detox and residential treatment in a facility, most people feel excited to get back to the comfort of their own homes. They want to be surrounded by the familiar, including family and friends.

Are halfway houses effective?

Halfway houses had only moderate success in controlling recidivism for property offenders, those with no history of alcohol/drug abuse, and those considered to be fair to good risks. Halfway houses were notably ineffective in reducing the recidivism of those with drug abuse histories and stable employment.

Some reported homes have no running water, no heat, or air, no electricity, and one bathroom, maybe, to serve over a dozen people. These homes are supposed to help the addict get back on their feet and enter society as a productive citizen. The information provided by is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Requiring licensure of this treatment component and certification of these overlay residences regulates commerce, is for the benefit of patients in treatment, and is not in violation of the ADA or FHA.

Salary for Industry: Substance Abuse Halfway House

The required education for halfway house counselors varies by facility. As a general rule, only a high school diploma is required to become a halfway house counselor, although some might hold bachelor degrees in psychology, counseling or related fields. Training can be done through community colleges and private organizations, in addition to on-the-job training. Certificates in counseling, substance abuse rehabilitation and therapy are useful to a halfway house counselor. Many organizations accredit rehabilitation counselors, including the Council on Rehabilitation Education.

January 19, 2023

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