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Solutions Architects Role & Responsibilities

As companies rely more and more on technology, there will be more demand for Solutions Architects. This salary can, however, range from $76,000 to $161,000 because location, experience level and company impact the figure. Solution Architects are responsible for evaluating an organization’s business needs and determining how IT can support those wants with software, hardware or infrastructure. This includes looking at the system as a whole, including information security architecture or application design and development needed to efficiently fulfill user demands. Solution architects make sure the product meets business requirements, will be delivered on time and within budget.

Serving as a key technical member of the business development team to ensure customer success while building applications and services on the AWS platform. Over the past decade technology has transformed business processes, systems, and methods across various industries. Organizations need to ensure that their core operations are transferred to the best tech solutions, otherwise they risk falling behind their competitors. Now, we hope you have answers to all the solutions architects’ relevant queries and more. If you have other questions, feel free to reach us, we would be more than happy to sort out your business issues.

  • Feel free to see the list of top client cases to see how our team has solved the business challenges of our clients and how custom software solutions can take operations to the next level.
  • So, such constraints may significantly modify the product, affecting its time to market and cost.
  • At the same time, they can create prototypes to identify tech limitations or delve into product design.
  • How to architect, deploy secure and robust applications on AWS technologies.
  • Collaborate with business divisions to create IT strategy and enhance current IT deployments.
  • Both technical and solution architects work with technology to establish strategies and solve problems.

Solutions architects need to be able to collaborate with managers, employees, and business unit executives. Additionally, if you’re a product team member, you can be asked to collaborate with clients to comprehend their needs and expectations. In a client-facing position, a solutions architect must know how to manage client satisfaction and establish reasonable standards for the finished output.

Unlike the solution architect, the software architect typically doesn’t deal with financial and organizational issues. This person focuses on all the aspects related to software engineering on a particular project, i.e., development, implementation, maintenance, support, and evolution. Software architects closely collaborate with development teams and control the entire development process. So, continuing the previous example, the software architect determines what exactly has to be done and how the result can be maintained. The solution architect must be aware of all the resources available to him and use them in the most optimal way. Managing project teams and collaborating with other construction professionals.

AWS solution architect certification

After developing a product roadmap, the solution architect is engaged in estimating the budget and introducing it to the stakeholders. Once everything is approved, SA traces the process of development and keeps clients tabs on the progress. During the development stage, the solution architect delves into each of the product areas. They have to explain how to make each part of the software so that everything fits into a single product. First, they create a technical vision to show how the software will cover business needs.

solution architect role and responsibilities

Effective communication is a must, as a Solutions Architect constantly interacts with people. They need to be great active listeners in order to understand a business’ needs and to understand the customer’s expectations. The role of a Solution Architect requires a mixture of both technical and business skills. In simple words, they are experts who evaluate the problems of their customers, and then they go ahead and create an actionable plan for resolving the issues found by using technology.

Solutions Architect Responsibilities

Both functional and non-functional requirements are written down in a project specification. For example, a travel provider like wants to create an app to let customers book flights, hotels, and cabs from mobile devices. They focus on technology implementation to seek out a simple solution for tough business problems.

Analytical thinking is another essential skill for Solutions Architects. This is because their job requires a deep understanding of how various parts within a business are connected. They need to know how different components of the suggested solution will work with the current structures, and what factors can impact solution architecture responsibilities the outcomes.

Solution architect job description

Share information and guidance on engineering methodologies, standards, and best practices proactively with the team members. Owning technical engagements, ensuring timely and successful value delivery. Salary bands for Solutions Architect roles depend on the level you are at. Certifications help Solutions Architects solution architect roles to demonstrate their expertise in the tech field. In this article, we’ll talk about what a Solutions Architect does, what the main requirements for this role are, how much these professionals typically earn, and how to become one of them. For example, if you want to make a healthcare app, it must comply with HIPAA.

solution architect role and responsibilities

ITIL is the industry-recognized set of qualifications that includes 5 levels. The highest credential is the ITIL Master for those professionals who work in IT service management and have extensive experience with ITIL practices. A solutions architect is responsible for building and implementing IT systems architectures that meet the set business requirements. Their role starts with gathering the requirements, understanding the specifications, evaluating the systems that are in place, and working closely with stakeholders to deliver the right solution. Expectedly, the role of a solution architect requires technical education and hands-on experience across all major areas of the software development process as well as hardware engineering expertise . Therefore, the role of an IT solutions architecture is integral to making it all happen.

After that, the applicants will have to successfully pass an interview with an assessment panel where they will be questioned on their experience. For instance, a product is built with technologies that must suit the requirements of its particular modules. Project scope is a part of software documentation that defines specific goals, tasks, features, and functions.

Solution Architect: Processes, Role Description, Responsibilities, and Certifications

They start their role by accumulating business requirements, learning its specifications, and performing with stakeholders to deliver the expected solution. A solutions architect should hold the caliber to communicate effectively with project managers, stakeholders, software vendors, and iOS and android developers in the software development process. A solution architect finds the required software solution and works with a clear project vision and a clear understanding of the client’s business requirements. Solution architecture is the underpinning for any IT project, regardless of whether you actually adopt this practice or not.

solution architect role and responsibilities

Solution architecture’s aim is to ensure that all their requirements are taken into account. Stakeholders have to be regularly informed about product development processes, costs, and budgeting. These tasks are usually done by a solution architect who translates technical project details into a language that management and non-technical stakeholders can understand. This is the practice of designing, describing, and managing solutions depending on the tasks and problems of the business.

Big Pharma Review: a puzzle and business simulator

They decide on the design and feel of the software and the way can different modules interact together. Get an estimated costing for your digital App or idea you want to get develop. The Epic App Orchard, now known as the Epic App market, is a marketplace where third-party vendors and Epic customers can find Epic-integrated apps.

He must also study the limitations of the project in order to analyze feasible alternatives and reduce risks. This practice has given rise to a corresponding position – the architect of solutions. This is the Person responsible for leading the practice and presenting the overall technical vision for a particular solution. The work of a solution architect includes many aspects and responsibilities, which will be discussed in the article. Let’s take a closer look at the roles and responsibilities of this specialist on the project. During the development process, there are usually several stakeholders who are both technical and non-technical.

What is a Solutions Architect?

The average salary of a senior AWS certified Solutions Architect ranges from $148,000 to $161,500 per year. According to, the compensation packages of AWS Solutions Architects appear pretty competitive compared to other companies. 2+ years of hands-on Software Development, Systems Administration, DevOps Engineering, Network Administration, Systems Architecture, IT Security, or other relevant technical disciplines. Understanding the AWS market segments, industry verticals, and customer base.

AWS Solutions Architect Qualifications

The physical technology model template provides a physical design of the architecture implemented. The PTM includes the supporting infrastructure (network, protocols, etc.), equipment, and supporting software. A solution architect will help to fill the communication gap between technical and non-technical specialists. Also, by collaborating with the project management team, solution architects cover the risks of product misalignment with stakeholder requirements and ensure that the solution fits the defined purpose. Solution architecture can be introduced to the corporate structure by technology consulting organizations if the process of integrating new software systems isn’t systematic.

Architects should be able to predict how the software they suggest adopting will integrate with the current one and the infrastructure where it runs. This sphere encompasses a whole variety of production endeavors – from food and drink to machines and pharmaceuticals. Solution architects are involved in streamlining the products’ lifecycles and supporting seamless manufacturing operations by providing constant availability of relevant software. Artificial intelligence Talk to our AI specialists and business analysts to get a free project strategy and roadmap. Robotic process automation We implement RPA to help companies automate processes and focus on core business.

The solution architect works with the development team to create and integrate information and computing systems that meet specific needs. In other words, architect duties are connected with integrating software and hardware. The solution architecture was designed considering all the business requirements.

Importance of Solutions Architect In a Company

They cooperate with all the teams involved in the development process and need to know how every product and service works in architecture. An IT solution architect needs all this knowledge to oversee a successful delivery of a quality end product to its end users. Before starting work on a new project, it is necessary to study the structure of the company and the basic requirements. However, you can delegate all relevant authority to the solution architect. Cooperating with Ardas, you do not need to tire yourself with the search for a qualified IT solution architect.

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