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A legal non-profit accuses the platform of failing to moderate accounts and allowing extremists to collect donations. Hitting the “Browse” tab at the top center of the screen will bring up a roster of all of the games being streamed at the moment so users can look for exact games they want to watch. For those unfamiliar, Lemon is a token on the Lino Blockchain, that can be transacted within DLive at a value of $0.012 USD.

Originally built on the Lino blockchain, DLive reportedly agreed to migrate to the Tron blockchain in late 2019. On Dec. 30, major peer-to-peer file-sharing giant BitTorrent announced that DLive will be joining its ecosystem. A site called Dlive, where rioters broadcast from the Capitol, is benefiting from the growing exodus of right-wing users from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Capitol with a mob of Trump loyalists on Wednesday, entering congressional offices and putting his feet up on lawmakers’ furniture, he also chatted live with more than 16,000 of his fans. Many streamers make the most of their income through other methods such as brand sponsorship and affiliate marketing. As your DLive channel grows you may wish to use strategies like these to boost your earnings. Well, if you want to make some serious dollar on DLive and stream games for money, you need to become an Affiliate. Every donation option is a multiplication of lemons, so an Ice Cream is just 10 LEMONS.


The feature, since its inception on other sites, has been criticized for encouraging the monetization of racism and hate speechwhen left unmonitored. White supremacists and other extremists have raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars through a youth-targeted, video livestreaming service called DLive, according to a researcher of online, far-right communities. DLive was founded in December 2017 by Charles Wayn and Cole Chen, who studied at the University of California, Berkeley. Initially based on the Steem blockchain, it was relaunched in September 2018 on the Lino Network blockchain. With the launch, DLive billed itself as a streaming site which did not take a cut of streamers’ revenue, a policy that lasted until December 2020. Instead, 90.1% of subscription and gift revenues went directly to streamers while the other 9.9% was streamers’ daily performance on the site.

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In their most recent update, the notified the DLive community that all validators of the Lino blockchain will be powered off on the 15th of April, 5pm PST. Holders of LINO are also advised to convert their holdings to Lemons or BTT. After the LINO blockchain is shut down, LINO tokens will no longer be transferable or have any value. Some in the mob that breached the Capitol on Wednesday broadcast the scene on Dlive, where livestreamers can make money from viewers.


A “Ninjaghini” cartoon of a ninja driving a car stands for 1,000 lemons. Ten thousand lemons are called a “Ninjet” and are represented by a happy-looking cartoon of a ninja riding a plane. Squire told Hatewatch that while this system of transferring money may seem juvenile and unorthodox, extremist users feel at home while using it. The mission of DLive is to create a value sharing live streaming platform that empowers creators and viewers through a revolutionary rewards system. DLive, the “world’s first and largest streaming platform on blockchain” launched in 2017 as a way to help people that make content for platforms like YouTube keep more of the earnings from advertisers.

DLive explains that these points can be immediately gifted to a streamer or transferred to PayPal or into Bitcoin if they want to cash out. Locked points holders also get access to a few unique perks. For streamers, to participate in the Ninjaghini Support Creators stream, simply go live during the broadcast. With many parts of the world now under lockdown, there’s no better time to stay in and watch livestreams, and DLive is making it even more rewarding. The strategy, Mr. Wayn said, was to “tolerate” them while amassing more legitimate video game players who would eventually “dilute” the right-wing community.

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Chad is one of the most corrupt and poorest countries on earth and most of its people are impoverished and live as herders and farmers. A screenshot of Tim Gionet’s since-deleted Dlive livestream, which was uploaded to another site, LiveLeak. A Lemon is the same as one Lino Point which equates to $0.012. When withdrawing Lino Points and converting them to USD, the minimum points you can withdraw are 2,000.

However, we do not recommend this if you are looking to use the platform to make money. You need an email linked to PayPal so it is easy to deposit and withdraw DLive’s currency. An analysis performed in January 2021 following the attack showed that approximately 95 percent of the views on DLive’s streams that day went to far-right streamers, at least nine of which were present at the Capitol. After the storming, Jewish-American magazine The Forward wrote a piece describing DLive as “A safe haven for Neo-Nazis”. The team at DLive has constantly updated fans and users of the platform on the progress of migrating from the Lino Blockchain to that of Tron.

The fake currency lemons, which are more commonly accrued by a user transferring money into their own account, can then be turned into cash donations, given from DLive account holders to extremists. The donations come in packages of one, 10, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 lemons. The lemons are represented by colorful, cartoon icons, resembling something one might see on a child’s game or in a slot machine. An ice cream cone represents ten lemons, while a diamond signifies 100 lemons.

Unlike many competitor sites, DLive gives 100% of its revenue to its creators. You don’t have to stream on the platform to make money – you can also earn cash from simply watching videos on the site. With your help, we are changing the status quo of live streaming for both content creators and viewers, here is how.

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Use the calculator to convert real-time prices between all available cryptocurrencies and fiat. There is no recent price data for this coin, because we don’t see trading activity currently. Mr. Jovanovic said he was suspended from the site in December after being accused of harassing a fellow streamer — an accusation he denies — and later permanently barred after complaining about Dlive on Twitter. A screenshot of the mob from video that was streamed on Dlive and later deleted, then uploaded to LiveLeak.

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The is built upon the the Lino Network blockchain, uses its own currency system, and doesn’t take a sizable cut of the revenue generated by streamers. DLive even has a mechanism for rewarding viewers, who can earn something called “LINO Points” for engaging with their favorite streamers (88 Lino Points translates roughly to $1.22, according to the company). The site was built on so-called blockchain technology created by another start-up, Lino, which raised $20 million from investors in 2018. Dlive initially positioned itself as a video game streaming platform that would not take a cut of its streamers’ incomes, as Twitch and others do. While it is definitely not the fastest way to make money on DLive, you can increase your earnings by $1-2 per hour from watching other live streams.

In 2019, for instance, Nick Fuentes, who attended the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., and has argued for “Christian nationalism,” was barred from Twitch and started streaming on Dlive. Reddit and YouTube later barred him for violating hate-speech policies. By then, far-right provocateurs had started joining Dlive, drawn by its loose enforcement of prohibited speech, which essentially allowed streamers to say whatever they wanted. On Friday, Dan Bongino, a right-wing podcaster, tweeted that he was leaving Twitter for good because it was an “anti-American platform” and that he would be on Parler instead.

It originally operated on the Steemit blockchain, before switching to the Lino network upon its relaunch in September 2018, and later TRON network after its 2019 purchase by BitTorrent. The letter also asks whether DLive identified any crypto donations from foreign entities to the individuals present on Jan. 6. To liquidate your LINO points you’ll need a minimum of 2,000 and you’ll need to request a payment at least three days before Thursday and Sunday. Users can either plug in their Bitcoin wallet address or use their email to transfer the funds to their PayPal. If you signed up a for the site with a different email address than your PayPal account, you’ll either have to make another DLive account with your PayPal email address or make a new PayPal.

Because the creator of the game is trying to get people to react to the actions that the fruit is doing. Save your stream information and click on Encoding Server Information to access your Stream Key. Head over to and make an account if you haven’t already. Everything you need for streaming, editing, branding, and more. can get rewards by avidly engaging with the community. We at DLive want to do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 while looking after our community. The campaign runs from April 2 to April 30, as users will be offered 30% cashback and DLive will be matching up to $1 million Lemon worth in US dollars over that period. Of the Christians, 54% are Protestant and 46% are Catholic.

  • We reached out to DLive staff members who advised us that they are working at bringing back credit /debit card LEMON options on the DLive website – we’ll update our DLive News section when this happens.
  • On top of everything mentioned above, you can gain access to additional rewards by staking BTT and earn Staking Rewards for the contributions, every day.
  • The donations come in packages of one, 10, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 lemons.
  • In their most recent update, the team notified the DLive community that all validators of the Lino blockchain will be powered off on the 15th of April, 5pm PST.

Only clips with the correct “#YourStreamYourRules” DLive Overlay will be accepted.

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Kjellberg announced that he would be doing a new weekly live stream on DLive in a YouTube video posted Tuesday that has been viewed 4.6 million times. The mission of DLive is to create a value-sharing live streaming platform that empowers creators and viewers through a revolutionary rewards system. Credits are accrued over time by watching livestreams aired on DLive and come in the form of “lemons,” with each lemon valuing at $0.012.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Updates

Streamers can receive Crypto Donations on DLive.tvIf you want to enable Crypto Token donations on your channel, head on over to your streamer dashboard page and select the “Streamer Channel” page. Learn which donation options are supported on and how to start receiving crypto donations using our free step by step guide. In a more recent stream, aired in September, Fuentes called for the creators of the Netflix documentary “Cuties” to be killed. Far-right propagandists have targeted “Cuties” with a social media outrage campaign, alleging that the film promotes pedophilia. Squire tracked the transactions made by 75 extremist accounts, starting on April 16, when DLive initiated its current system of financial exchange. Though only 56 of these accounts had received donations, she found the extremists she selected for review netted a total of $465,572.43 in donations between April 16 and late October.

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Larger value donations allow you to add a donation message which is visible in the chat window. Like come on,” he said, referring to a war-borne myth about the Holocaust sometimes exploited by white supremacists and other antisemites as a way to mock the genocide of the Jewish people during World War II. Yes – If their clips is selected they will receive both the Streamer and Clipper Prize. Is a decentralized cryptocurrency to reward users in the BitTorrent ecosystem. One week after the attack, white supremacist and Groyper Patrick Casey was using the site to downplay the significance of the riot while acknowledging that “our days on DLive seem to be numbered.”

In the two months after the signing, DLive’s userbase grew by 67%. Anyone with locked LINO Points in their account will be able to shape the direction DLive moves in the future. The live streaming site offers daily questionnaires available only to Locked LINO Point owners. Just like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, DLive offers a roster of video games that streamers are currently playing live. Get notified instantly when your favorite creators go live. Nearly all online streaming platforms use their own currencies.

The rewards will also be increased from 9.9% to 25% in a bid to encourage and incentivize new users of DLive as well as support both ecosystems. If users are in this for the money, you can easily transfer your points to a PayPal or Bitcoin by navigating to the “Get Paid” tab found in the top right drop-down menu. If you plan to try and monetize your time spent on DLive, then make sure you sign up with an email that is linked to a PayPal account .

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