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Help Fellow ADP Pc Payroll & EZLabor Users!


Adding this feature to supervisor would help with payroll and time off request. Downloading Report Data Job Aid Scenario You have to review information on your employees’ timecards along with payroll details at a meeting with Human Resources. Download the Timecard with Payroll report to access the relevant information. Types of Time Entry ezLaborManager supports several methods in which employees can record the hours they have worked. Your ADP representative will work with you to determine the method best suited to your company’s payroll requirements. The format of the time entry pages that display in ezLaborManager depends on how your company’s time reporting is set up. If your company uses the Lunch Out, Transfer, Absence, and Late Arrivals buttons for employee time entry, these buttons can be displayed.


Assigning a Schedule to Multiple Employees Overview If you want to assign a schedule to multiple employees, use the Assign Multiple mode. Scheduling a Report Overview Your administrator needs to activate the Automated Reports feature in ezlaborManager. Any report that has been saved in the My Reports section can be scheduled as an automated report. Editing a Report Job Aid Scenario Generate a report with timecard exceptions for employees working in the Eastern Time Zone . Provides a complete record of each employee’s timecard including the daily payroll totals. It includes actual time pair totals, daily payroll totals, and the payroll summary on a single report.


A timecard exception is generated when ezLaborManager processes a time pair that does not meet certain expectations or requirements. We use ezLabor so I’m familiar with what you’re trying to do.


Might not be that efficient to have to call the help center every time we need to change something in the system. We are able to keep track of a lot more things and can get reports instantly with out much hassle.

Using ADP®’s ezLaborManager® – Employee Access with …

If the selected starting date is not within the date range selected, a message displays. Click OK. Otherwise, adjust the date range. Correcting Department Transfers Job Aid Scenario On Friday morning, Frank was asked to assist the Service department with their phone calls for two hours.

  • Access the definitive source for exclusive data-driven insights on today’s working world.
  • There are some quirks to how my company processes the payroll, the format of the time file is not as customizable as I would like it to be.
  • Use authorized URLs to access your account.
  • The requester’s schedule must be manually updated if the requester is required to work the remainder of the day.

In the Available Fields list, select additional fields you want to display and then click the right arrow to add them to the Selected Fields list. The employee’s schedule is updated automatically to reflect the approved time off.

Time keeping systems with all the tools you need to track attendance and hours.

When the report is generated it will display in the Completed Schedules Reports section. The inactive status indicates that the report scheduling is temporarily disabled for that report. Use the Add New button to add a new report schedule. Provides a list of employees whose hours have reached a specified limit. The report can also list employees who have not reached the specified limit.

  • Absolutely loved the reporting side of the product.
  • Please see EZLabor upgrade memo and instructions.
  • Then, in the relevant rows, enter the times in and out for the hours worked and the time that is tracked by days.
  • As a result, the Time Off Requests feature in ezLaborManager cannot be used for submitting a leave of absence exceeding 30 days.
  • Not only does it track your hours on a daliy, weekly, monthly basis but you can go back and review past months.

Click the up diagonal arrow to apply the quick shift. Select the day on which you want to apply a quick shift. Select the appropriate date range and employee to assign the schedule. On the Summary View sub-tab, select the appropriate pay date range and pay cycle. In the Qualifier field, select a filter qualifier from the list.

Easy Administration of Employee Time and Benefits

The program runs well enough that we don’t really have any complaints with it. There are times it can run a little slow but it’s not worth not buying over it. Sometimes there are rules we run into that we were unaware of that we have to figure out as we go, but it’s a learning process. Login for ADP Workforce Now for administrators and employees. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. EzLabor is a fully featured Time Clock Software designed to serve SMEs, Enterprises. EzLabor provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App.

  • If the employee accepts the partial approval, the employee’s schedule is updated automatically to reflect the approved time off.
  • We use ADP’s ezlabor manager and pc/Payroll systems.
  • This reviewer was invited by us to submit an honest review and offered a nominal incentive as a thank you.
  • Much easier than the old way of tracking on a spreadsheet.

Editing an Assigned Schedule for an Employee Overview If you want to edit an assigned schedule for an employee for one day only, use the Edit Single mode. Approving Individual Time Pairs Job Aid Scenario Approve a time pair for Thomas Ever in the current pay period. Approving Total Hours Worked Job Aid Scenario Approve Mary MacGill’s timecard for the current pay period.

Ezlabor Workforce Portal

ADP is really great about providing training opportunities for software users. The training is quite in-depth and very valuable for those using the software. Support was readily available whenever there was a question. Absolutely loved the reporting side of the product.


The ezLaborManager administrator closes the pay period , adjusts the payroll as necessary, and creates the files with pay data and punch details. The ezLaborManager administrator then exports the paydata file and, if your company is set up to display punch details on employee’s cheques, the punch detail files.. Some things are not visible in the app for employees. For example you can either have the option of allowing employees to request time off from the app or be able to see accrued time off. Also supervisors cant see their staff accrued time either.

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